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Tired of Websites selling your e-mail address? Fight back with a temporary e-mail address. Easy to set up and absolutely free, a temporary e-mail address is active only as long as you want it to be. When a Website, forum, or software producer requires your e-mail address, you give it to them, but all e-mail from that site (and anyone they sell your address to) will be forwarded from your temporary e-mail address.

So you’ll be able to get any verification codes or passwords, but when your temporary e-mail address expires, you’ll never hear from them — or the spammers they sell to — again. It’s a free, easy, effective way to protect your e-mail address.

Spambox.us does exactly what you want a temporary e-mail address generator to do. It is easy to set up, it's free, and it works seamlessly. Plus, you get to set the time you want it to be active.

Spamgourmet.com lets you set up a temporary e-mail address anytime you want, but you only set things up at spamgourmet.com once — it does the rest. And with two levels of protection, spamgourmet.com lets you control how much (or how little) any company can find out about you.

Recently reworked, tempemail.net is easier and more effective than ever. In just three steps, you’ll have a temporary e-mail address hat will capture any e-mail you don’t want sent to your regular e-mail address.

If you need a temporary e-mail address for site registrations and more, spam.la may be the easiest solution of all. You make up a name, add @spam.la, and you’re through. All mail that gets sent there will show up for everyone to see. Spammers can't hide when you use spam.la.

Crass and to the point, slopsbox.com lets you set up a temporary e-mail address and stick it to spammers. It saves all mail for 24 hours so you can retrieve registrations if you need to.

Nospamfor.us is a no-nonsense approach to the temporary e-mail address. Just make up anything you want, add @nospamfor.us, and you're done. You can check the e-mail to retrieve codes, etc., if you need to.

Mytrashmail.com is a free spam blocker that lets you create temporary e-mail addresses on the fly using different domain names. There's no registration, no password, no fee, but you can retrieve serial numbers and pass codes when you need to.

Mintemail.com instantly creates temporary e-mail addresses that remain active for three hours, but it has the added feature of creating an account so you can control other options for even more flexibility.

Mailnull.com lets you fight spam by providing a temporary e-mail address. Just register, confirm, and go. It's free now, but it may charge for its services in the future.

Maileater.com provides temporary e-mail accounts at no charge, with no registration, and you can use the e-mail address as often as you want. You can also check e-mail you receive.

Mailexpire.com puts you in control of what kind of e-mails you receive by providing you with a temporary e-mail address that's valid for 12 hours to three months. And you can kill spam any time with mailexpire.com’s unique control panel.

Jetable.org lets you create temporary e-mail accounts that forward incoming mail to your real e-mail address for a specified period of time, then disappear. Sign-up is easy, but jetable.org is not an anonymous e-mail service.

Haltospam.com lets you create a temporary e-mail account that is active for 1-7 days by instantly creating an alias. You set the time limit; they do the rest.

Guerrillamail.com gives you two options in the battle against spam. They generate a temporary e-mail address for you, or you can provide one. Either way, the temporary e-mail address is only active for 60 minutes.

Safe and convenient, gishpuppy.com lets you create a different temporary e-mail address every time you register on a Website, then individually cancel the e-mails when you’re ready, providing exceptional flexibility.

In three easy steps, you can detect and dispose of spammers with e4ward.com. Simply register, provide a valid e-mail address, and create your temporary e-mail address. You can create a different alias for each place you register, so you'll know who's responsible for any spam you get.

No set up. No registration. No fees. Dodgeit.com provides temporary e-mail addresses for anyone who wants to eliminate spam.

10minutemail.com helps you beat spam by doing just what its name says — setting up temporary e-mail addresses that expire in 10 minutes. The addresses are generated automatically when you access their site.